Flower Arrangements



Study today and receive face-to-face education gaining hands on experience to make you an industry ready florist! 

Michelle Baird - Flowers at the door

Who doesn't like the idea of becoming a florist... not many and it's never too late to learn. I've learnt the skills, valuable knowledge, made friends laughed and learnt through their practical hands on floristry classes and theory knowledge...

Sandi Shankster - Willowbud

Thank you so much for the ongoing support, friendship and leadership you have shown me to teach me the skills needed to complete my floristry traineeship. With this traineeship I was able to put those skills to good use and now I own and run a successful wedding floristry business and now employ staff including my very own trainee. This would NOT have happened if it wasn't for you!!

Simone Parry - Joy Fiori

I am so happy to have found such an amazing establishment to be able to pursue my passion for floristry! The team here are incredible and so helpful. I've gained skills and a few new beautiful friends along the way too! 


If you've got a love for flowers and want to pursue a career in floristry or are just looking to gain more knowledge and skills then you've found the right place! 

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